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Article series: State-of-the-art mycology in dermatology

According to Prof. Tietz, an enthusiastic mycologist and expert in his field, skin and nail fungi unfold a fascinating beauty when cultivated in a Petri dish. Nonetheless, Prof. Tietz let himself be convinced by the benefits of state-of-the-art PCR-based dermatomycosis diagnostics. In this new article series, he explains his reasons and tells us about his experiences and cases as the director of the Institute for Fungal Diseases in Berlin, Germany.

You will find here the new reports from Prof. Tietz.

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Infections of skin, hair and nails

Worldwide, 20-25% of the population are affected by dermatomycosis. The dermatophytes responsible for these infections are very hard to get rid of and present a burden for patients, especially in the case of infections visible to others. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the disease at an early stage and promptly initiate a suitable, targeted therapy.

The EUROArray Dermatomycosis enables detection of 56 fungal species that cause infections of skin, hair and nails in less than 24 hours. In the same analysis, 29 fungal species can be identified at the species level. Moreover, this PCR-based detection method is more sensitive and specific than the classic detection methods, which is why the EUROArray Dermatomycosis contributes significantly to faster and improved diagnosis of fungal infections of skin, hair and nails.

New: EUROArray HSV1/2 VZV

Extend your diagnostic repertoire by further dermatology parameters!

The new EUROArray HSV1/2 VZV provides reliable direct detection of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 as well as varicella zoster virus in a single test. The EUROArray supports secure differentiation between the pathogens and facilitates diagnostics even in cases in which clinical evaluation is difficult due to similar manifestation of the infections.



by Tietz and Gunkel (derm article (in German))

"Sensitive, exact and fast gene diagnostics are the future or mycology. It is a valuable tool for dermatologists [...]." 

by V.L. Müller, S. Urlaß, F. Wittig and other authors (DDG-Poster (in German))

 "[...] Especially [...] the practicability and reliability of the detection are decisive. Therefore, for our clinical routine, we prefer the array test EUROArray Dermatomycosis due to its easy use and automated evaluation"

by K. Bieber, M. Harder, S. Staender and other authors (ADF-Poster (in German))

"The EUROArray Dermatomycosis is an easy-to-use and robust test system which exceeds the previous diagnostic scheme in terms of reliability and time to diagnosis (< 18 h). Besides, it enables unambiguous species identification without requiring specific expertise and is therefore well-suited for clinical routine."